Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance … you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet. But when you are through, exhilarated and exhausted, at least for a moment everything seems right with the world…

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Schedule

My summer schedule is about to get a bit more crazy. Tomorrow I start, not only my full time summer job, but also my writing intensive summer school class. This is going to make it a bit more difficult to work out. Monday and Wednesday will consist of work all day and class all night, so working out is probably out on those days. So here is the schedule.

Monday- exercise as much as possible at work with kids. They either walk to class and ride bus home or bike to and from class. Try to run or walk a mile in the morning (if i'm not too exhausted.)
Tuesday- 3-4 mile run
Wednesday- Same as Monday
Thursday- Run 5 miles
Friday- run 3-4 miles
Saturday- Run 3 miles
Sunday- Run 4-5 miles

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