Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance … you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet. But when you are through, exhilarated and exhausted, at least for a moment everything seems right with the world…

Friday, July 22, 2011

Redemption comes in many shapes, with many kinds of pain

So, I have officially created a training schedule and found a half marathon to run the last weekend in August. The plan was that if I could keep up with the training for the next 2 weeks, when I'm working extra and have class, then I would be able to complete it all and I'd sign up for the race. Given the circumstances of extreme weather I have not been able to keep up. I've skipped a few run, and made some runs shorter than they should have been.

Today I completed my 6 mile run, or my 5.85 mile run. It did not go well at all. I was so warm, plus the antibiotics I'm on right now many me nauseous, and cause my skin to burn easily. I forgot to put on sunscreen, so 30 minutes into the run I looked at my shoulders and realized they were already pink. Plus I hate running in the heat. If that isn't enough reason to not run a half marathon in August, John (my running partner who was going to run it with me) hurt his knee a few weeks ago and needs some serious recovery time. So we discussed it last night and decided to postpone it to late September or October.

I'm currently looking at the Maranatha's Road Race on September 17th or the Monster Dash on October 29th. If we do the first one then my training program that I started this week would be pretty accurate. If we do the October one then I can pos-pone training for 3-4 weeks, and just keep doing an average of 20 miles a week. I'll keep you posted!

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